Heart Shaped Plate

Fish Shaped Plate

Round Plates Shallow

Round Plates Flat

Round Plates Deep

Square Bowls

Square Plates Shallow

Square Plates Deep

Square Plates Flat

Oval Shallow


Hexagon Shaped Plates

Lunch Box

Rectangle Plates Deep

Rectangle Plates Shallow

Round Bowls

Areca Spoon




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Oxygen to Organic
Now, a leaf doesn't just provides us air to breathe but also allows us to store food. Ecopiens endeavor to present you the safest customizations with utmost quality. You might want to switch to organic. You might have to secure your food storage from plastics, Or You need to know more about how we blend nature to create organic products, Feel free to enter your details below to get in touch with us.
Ecopiens Wishes You a Safe and Sustainable Life! Good Day!