Ecopiens was incepted in the year 2011. We have been regularly supplying our quality products to U.S.A, Australia and all over India, where we have our production unit. Now we are located in Berlin, Capital of Germany.

We aim at supplying quality leaf plates and other leaf products to our eco-friendly customers, worldwide. Our products are made from the fallen areca leaves. These leaves are washed with fresh water, trimmed to get the desired shape and cleaned well before packing and after their usage, these leaves go back to earth as manure; this cycle goes on. The consumption cycle of homo-sapiens is very similar to this; they only consumed natural, organic food until a few decades ago. But later artificial products, processed food etc. took over. Now, people are starting to switch to organic food again.

But is it not incomplete if we still consume the food in unnatural containers such as plastic or other chemical products? That’s where we come in. We provide 100% natural leaf products without any chemicals involved in any of the production stages.


The life cycle of our product is similar to that of human beings.

  • This is the 1st stage where the fallen areca tree leaves are born, rather, adopted by ecopiens, as we do not harvest them. They are gotten from the best vendors and the leaves are treated just as a baby.

  • Next, we wash our leaves using fresh water, just like babies are washed when they are born.

  • The third stage is heat pressing, where they are brought to the desired shape.

  • The next 2 stages include trimming of the edges, giving it a carved finish and after that they are cleaned again.

  • In the next stage our babies are sterilized, in order to resist bacteria and other micro organisms affecting them.

  • Shrink wrapping is done carefully in this stage. Well clothed and fit.

  • We give our babies a comfortable and neat abode, otherwise called ‘Carton boxing’.

  • Next is when they start working as an eco friendly container of your foods, be it any type of food. They serve the ecopiens and then retire (disposed), which is acceptable to earth as manure


• Compostable

• Bio-degradable

• Non-chemical

• Eco-Friendly

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Oxygen to Organic
Now, a leaf doesn't just provides us air to breathe but also allows us to store food. Ecopiens endeavor to present you the safest customizations with utmost quality. You might want to switch to organic. You might have to secure your food storage from plastics, Or You need to know more about how we blend nature to create organic products, Feel free to enter your details below to get in touch with us.
Ecopiens Wishes You a Safe and Sustainable Life! Good Day!